Facing my Fears

Deciding to travel long term is not scary to me. I do not have any fears about it because I just see it as me starting another chapter of my life. Many people have asked me if I am scared, and I don’t know what they mean. I am not scared at all, just a little nervous, but mostly excited. But being asked this question made me think of what I really was afraid of. I was terrified of the dentist.

Ok, not the actual dentist, but dental care in general. The thought of people sticking pointy things at my teeth and gums makes my blood pressure go up, due to bad experiences when I was younger and had to have fillings done without adequate anesthesia. I put off going to the dentist for SIX YEARS, resulting in a broken wisdom tooth, 3 crowns and numerous needed fillings. I was going to put off going to the dentist until I came back from travel. But then I thought, if I can quit my job, and leave my friends and family for an unknown period of time, and go to places unknown to me around the world, and am not afraid of that, why should I be afraid of laying down in a dentist office for a couple of hours to benefit my health? It sounds stupid. It was stupid. I was disgusted with myself.

I got sick my whining and excuses, and decided to make the appointment. Even though I was indeed scared, I went anyway, because I knew it would be worth it. It turned out not to be so bad.

So, going on this trip had already benefitted me, and I haven’t even left yet. It unexpectedly made me face and overcome my fear of the dentist. And I feel proud of myself. I wonder what else going on this trip will make me realize.

Has anything happened in your life that has made you face and overcome your fears unexpectedly? What are you afraid of?


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