Wild Night in Shanghai!!!

Just kidding, it wasn’t that wild. I arrived in Shanghai absolutely excited!!! I was in CHINA! Wow! That sounds different and far away, right? Well, it is far away, but not that different from any other big city of the world. I took the subway from the airport to my hostel, so that I could save money. A taxi from the airport to the hostel would have cost about $35-40, but since I took the subway it only cost me $1.15. I win! Well, I win except for the part when I didn’t know that I had to transfer to a different subway, and ended up going the wrong way for about 40 minutes. We will just call that an adventure…

Anyways, on the way there I saw a moving commercial of Beyonce for H&M Bathing suits. I thought that was pretty cool. I also saw a huge billboard of Kobe Bryant selling a watch or something. I was like, yeah…Black people all in ads in China. I like that.

iron man 3 in china

I finally arrived at Shanghai City Central Youth Hostel around 9pm after a 2 hour ride on the metro. For a dorm room sharing with 3 other ladies, the cost was only $10. It even included breakfast and it had a huge bar and game room. I wanted to see Iron Man 3 in IMAX 3D, so I got the lady at reception to book me a taxi, since I was so tired of being on the metro. It took about 15 minutes driving and $10 to get to the Stellar International Cineplex, which is on the 10th floor of a huge shopping mall in Pudong. The movies tickets cost about $20, which is about how much a night showing of IMAX 3D movies cost in the United States. The movie was so much better than it was when I saw it in the United States! Yeah, right. It was the exact same. They did have like 2 extra scenes, but it was all in Chinese, and I couldn’t understand any of it. It was a good way to spend the night, though. I got to see a huge Chinese shopping mall, which looks exactly the same as any other huge shopping mall.
When the movie was over, I was praying that there would be some taxis on the street. I was thinking, damn, if there aren’t any taxis driving around, I am just going to sit and cry. But of course there were taxis, like 8 of them, so I showed the taxi driver my address and I got back to the hostel safe and sound.

The next morning, I ate this unknown breakfast (the thing in the middle was like a krispy kreme donut that you dip in sweetened soymilk) and headed back to the airport for my flight to Singapore. I got this unknown drink out of a vending machine. I knew it was some type of tea since the kanji was the same as the Japanese one for tea, but I didn’t know which type. I think it is iced jasmine tea. It was good, whatever it was.

Unknown breakfast

unknown chinese drink

I didn’t get to spend that much time in Shanghai, but here are my observations from one day:

-Chinese people will cut you in line. They will get in front of you and it’s kind of weird, until you realize that this means you can cut other people in line, too, which is awesome.

-They are really loud on the subways. Like, there phone will ring, and then they will answer it and start yelling over the phone really loud, like they are in their living room alone.

-Their kids be real cute.

Pretty much Shanghai is, on the surface, just like any other big city. Nothing really stood out to me to make it different, besides, it’s a lot of Chinese people. I have to say, that the buildings were really beautiful though.
I would like to go back and spend more time there. Maybe when China reduces their visa fees (currently $240) I will go. I did not have to pay a visa fee because I was staying there for less than 72 hours.

Who has been to Shanghai???


One response to “Wild Night in Shanghai!!!

  1. Wow this is great Sherri… Keep going and I will continue to travel with you. Thank you for allowing me to travel with you through your experience

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