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Finally I arrived in Singapore! After 3 days of traveling, I arrived at my final destination. I didn’t have jet lag the first couple of days, because I tried to wake up when the sun came up and get out of the hostel. I only took one nap, and did things each day to keep me awake so that I would be tired at night. I didn’t have much of an appetite though, and for the first week, I had to force myself to eat, and some days would forget to eat until around 4pm. It was crazy, ‘cause I wouldn’t realized that I hadn’t eaten all day until my brother would ask me what I ate that day. I didn’t get to see my little brotha’ except for dinner for like the first 4 days because he was so busy with school work, so I was left to explore Singapore on my own.

For some reason, all I remember about my first 3 days in Singapore was that I walked around malls a lot. I don’t even like shopping, but for some reason I always found myself inside of one. First I went to my favorite mall in Singapore, VIVOCITY. It is the biggest mall in Singapore and has everything you need in it: 3 grocery stores at the basement level, a ton of restaurants, 2 food courts, the movies, EVERYTHING! So the other days, I would go and try to find a new mall to go to, only to be disappointed and just go back to VIVOCITY. I went and saw Star Trek into Darkness at the movies, and the bad guy, Khan, was really cool. The movies come out here like a week to 2 weeks earlier than in the states, so hahahaha. I saw it before you, Kim N! I also went and saw Spring Breakers, and that wasn’t good at all. In fact, I almost walked out. But there was one part that I LOVED. The part where that dude was like “Look at all my shiiiit”.

I went to the Chinese Heritage Museum in Chinatown, which was pretty interesting. They tell you why the Chinese people came here and the hard lives they lived when they got here. It was really small though, but worth the money.

On Saturday the 11th, I went on a DUCK Tour. Now, it has nothing to do with ducks. It is an hour long tour on this weird looking truck that drives around on land and then can go directly into the water. So I go along one of the rivers in Singapore and look at the buildings. It was pretty cool.

On Thursday the 16th, I went to my brothers graduation and after party! He is now a master, lol! Spike Lee was the speaker, and it was cool to see him. He was at the after party too, but I didn’t go and say anything to him, ‘cause I didn’t know what to say. I don’t even think I have ever seen any of his movies, I just know that he is famous. We then went to an after after party, but by the time we got there, most people were already really wasted, and seeing people already wasted, makes me not want to get wasted, so I didn’t drink anything while I was there, which for those of you who know me, know that’s rare.

On Saturday the 18th, me and my brother went to the S.E.A. Aquarium, which is the world’s largest aquarium. Before you even get to the area with the fish, there was this wonderful exhibit about this sea faring Chinese guy from way back in the day. They had a display of the types of boats that they used and displays on the different cultures he encountered. To me, that was better than sea animals. Then, once you walk through that, you get to where the fishes are. For some reason, I was expecting more from the aquarium section. I don’t know why. It was pretty cool and I am glad that I went, but like, it’s just a bunch of fish.

Two nights ago we went to KTV (it’s what they call karaoke) with my brother and his friends who are a married couple. It was so fun and I love karaoke here, because it is in a room with only the people in your party. I was singing real good, ya’ll.

The next day I went to a drag show that one of my brothers classmates was performing in. I love me some drag queens.

So yeah, that’s about it. Tomorrow we are heading out to Cambodia!!!

me and the new grad

me and the new grad

My brother becoming a Master of the Arts.

My brother becoming a Master of the Arts.

I saw Spike Lee.

I saw Spike Lee.

Sea Jellies

Sea Jellies

These fish look creepy. I call them the devil's fish.

These fish look creepy. I call them the devil’s fish.

Yep, you can still eat fresh in Singapore.

Yep, you can still eat fresh in Singapore.

A mall called JCube. It looks cool, but don't go there, just go to VivoCity

A mall called JCube. It looks cool, but don’t go there, just go to VivoCity

I got lost in Chinatown and ran into this place. I don't know what it's called.

I got lost in Chinatown and ran into this place. I don’t know what it’s called.

Stingrays and stuff

Stingrays and stuff



  1. You are having too much fun!!! Congrats to lil bro, on to a new stage in life. I love the pics and adventures keep em coming! Miss you Sherri

  2. Seems like you are having a good time and seeing a lot of stuff.  I am happy to see that you enjoying and learning more about other cultures.  I am keeping a folder about all of your adventures as you travel.


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