Living out of Royal Hostel

My first 10 days in Singapore I stayed Royal Hostel Singapore. Here are the pros and the cons:



It was only around US$16 per night.

I don’t have to clean anything. The showers and bathroom are cleaned daily.

There is free toast, butter, and jam in the morning if you wake up early enough.

The people at reception give you directions.


Since in my hostel the beds are made of some sort of metal, whenever you move, it squeaks. There are 16 people in my room, including me. Now imagine how many squeaks that is at night. The first 3 nights I was on the top bunk, and when I got the hiccups, it squeaked with each hiccup.

You hear strangers fart at night.

The shower had no vent so it got extremely steamy. You had to put on your clothes in there, so after you took a shower, all of the steam settled on your skin and you could never get completely dry. So when you put on your clothes, your skin is wet.

People wake up and get ready at all different times, so I was annoyed with all of the movement while I was trying to get my beauty rest.

For me, the price tag and the cleanliness of the hostel outweighs the bad stuff about living in a hostel. Plus, I hardly spent any time in the hostel while I was awake. But when I did, they had free wifi, so I could watch my Netflix and check my email.





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