Full Libraries and Chinese Gardens

Full Libraries…Wha?

So, summer classes have started. I am renting a room, but, I get sick of staying in the apartment all day studying, so one day, I thought that I would go to the library to study and maybe get something to eat afterwards.

Library #1 – I get there and it’s smaller than I thought. It is completely full, with nowhere to sit. But, hey, this is just a small library, so I thought, I will just hop on the MRT and go to a different one.

Library #2 – Now this library is much bigger. But it is also completely full. People are even sitting on the floors. Really? I have never seen this many people in a library back at home. I mean, its the middle of the day on a Monday. What is going on here?

So I gave up. And I go to the Chinese Gardens. It is a park that is freaking huge. I was there for over an hour and I didn’t even see all of it. It is really beautiful with many places to sit, a lot of pagodas, lakes, bridges, boats. So I think I realized that if I want to study somewhere other than my room, I should just go to a park.

I went all the way up to the top of this Pagoda!

I went all the way up to the top of this Pagoda!


This is a statue of Mulan.

This is a statue of Mulan.


One response to “Full Libraries and Chinese Gardens

  1. Hahaha this reminds me of my university days- we are a nation of hard workers! The libraries during the week break you may even see people set up tents there in order to ‘reserve’ their seats- however, the extreme case are usually students of other nationals (e.g. China) when you dig deeper.

    Then I went on a student exchange in Canada and during recess week the students went for a nude run in -20 degree celcius. Culture!

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