Seventy Dollars, What?! Chili Crabs are Worth it.


Chili Crab is a delicious Singaporean dish made with crab simmered in a tangy tomato sauce with thin ribbons of eggs (kinda like the kind in egg drop soup). Despite the name, it is not spicy and I didn’t notice any chilis in the dish, although it did have a bite to it. It was served with these small buns that were a little bit sweet so that you could sop up the sauce with it. IT WAS SO GOOD. The crab was huge and the shell already cracked by the chef, making it possible to dig out pieces as big as a chicken strip. The following will help you with your chili crab journey.

Make sure of the price:
I asked the waiter how much a serving of chili crab cost, and he said $17…or so I thought. I said ok, and that I would have a serving. A little later, after the waiter had left, my brother said, are you really comfortable with ordering other stuff, after you just ordered a dish that cost $70. HUH? WHA? I said that he was wrong that the waiter had said $17 dollars, but we did the math on the estimated weight of the crab and I realized that the waiter must have said $70, I just misheard because of his accent. I would have never agreed to pay $70 for one crab, but I already ordered it, and what the hey, chili crab is ranked by CNN GO as one of the top 50 most delicious dishes in the world, so I might as well try it while I’m here.

How to not get messy while eating it:
Shut up, you are going to get messy while eating it. They even give you a huge plastic bib, because they know that you are going to get the sauce all over everything. The crab is completely covered in the red sauce, so be prepared to walk away with your hands looking like a 2 year olds’ when they just got finished eating spaghetti o’s.

How to get full:
In order to get full, you will have to order something else in addition to the chili crab, unless you are willing to pay for 2 chili crabs for yourself. If you are willing to pay for 2 chili crabs for yourself, then let’s be best friends because that means you are rich, and please let’s go out eating all the time, and you pick up the bill. I promise I will tell jokes and be funny to make up for the mooching. If you are not willing to pay for 2 chili crabs, let’s split one chili crab and then order the salted fish fried rice. It is fried rice with little tiny morsels of salted fish in it, and when you get a piece of the fish, the saltiness bursts in your mouth and it tastes really good.

What to drink:
Beer, duh. That goes with anything. Ok, but seriously, beer goes perfect with the tanginess of the chili crab and cuts through the thickness of the sauce. If you don’t drink alcohol, then maybe a sprite? Anyways, something bubbly.

If you ever go to Singapore, you should for sure get some chili crab…it’s expensive, but worth it!


5 responses to “Seventy Dollars, What?! Chili Crabs are Worth it.

  1. It seems that you are becoming a great connoisseur of foods.


  2. Damn good crabs for $70 Umm, did they rip u off or is that the actual going price?

    • Lol, that’s the going rate. They are really huge and actually this place was cheaper because it’s not on the main road or in a touristy area.

    • Yes, the fried bread was really good! A little bit sweet and crispy on the outside, and it went perfectly with that sauce!

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