Don’t Cry, Run! Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Train How To.

Here are some tips for going from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by train! Hopefully you journey will go better than mine, because I almost cried like twice!

1. Buy your ticket online ( from JB Sentral to Sentral Kuala Lumpur. DO NOT BUY IT FROM WOODLANDS CIQ TO SENTRAL KUALA LUMPUR. If you buy the tickets from Woodlands CIQ in Singapore to Sentral Kuala Lumpur, the price will end up being more expensive because you will have to pay in Singapore Dollars instead of Malaysian Ringgits. This is because the Singapore Dollars is traded with Malaysian Ringgits one for one, when actually the Singapore dollar is worth more. So it is better to buy 2 tickets, one from Singapore to JB (which is about a 4 minute train ride away) and another ticket from JB to Sentral Kuala Lumpur. The total cost of the 2 tickets will be about $17 US dollars for second class seats. Buy the tickets from JB Sentral to Sentral Kuala Lumpur online at least a day in advance, and you can buy the tickets the day of up until minutes before the departure for the tickets to JB.

2. To get to the Woodlands Train Checkpoint, either take a taxi straight there, or take bus 856, 913, or 912 from the Woodlands Bus Interchange that is connected to the Woodlands MRT. This is where I messed up…I didn’t know that it was going to be a HUGE bus interchange. I thought that it would be just a regular bus stop with maybe only 1 bus to choose from to get to the train checkpoint. We weren’t sure which bus to take and we didn’t realize that the bus ride takes at least 20 minutes to get from the Woodlands MRT/Woodlands Bus Interchange to the train checkpoint. So we decided to take a taxi, but there are not that many taxis that go buy that station. So that is the first time that I felt real sad. If you are catching a bus from Woodlands Bus Interchange from the Woodlands MRT station, I would suggest planning to arrive there at least an hour before your train leaves.

3. When you get to the station, you can buy the tickets from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral downstairs. We bought our tickets like 3 minutes before the train left. I was freaking out because I didn’t want to miss the train, because that would mean that we would miss the other train leaving from JB Sentral to Sentral Kuala Lumpur. This is the second time that I got sad. Because I got lost in the station and then when I found one other person, I realized that another person got lost looking for me.

4. Remember, you are leaving the country. You have to go through Singapore Immigration disembarkation procedures and then go all the way down the hall and around the corner to go through Malaysia immigration embarkation.

Our way back to Singapore went a lot smoother. We just went to the Kuala Lumpur Central train station and bought our tickets back to Singapore the day that we left. You don’t have to buy separate tickets this time, because since you are buying the tickets in Malaysia, the whole fare is charged in Ringgits. This time we took a night train that left at 11pm. The first class sleeper and deluxe class sleepers were sold out because we bought them so late, so we booked the second class sleeper for RM46 (that’s about $14 US dollars). They have sheets and a pillow and privacy curtains, but I would suggest bringing a blanket, because it got SUPER COLD on the train.

Oh yeah, you are allowed to bring food and drink on the trains, so since the train ride is about 6 or 7 hours, I would suggest bringing at least one bottle of water or juice (or beer!) and some nuts or fruit.

So there you have it. If you are in Singapore for a few days, it is worth it to take the train to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, because it is so cheap to get there and is an awesome city. Any questions about the train ride, or any suggestions on other ways to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur? Please leave a comment!

This is me on the day train!

This is me on the day train!

Views from the train

Views from the train

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This is me on the overnight train! I'm in a bed...on a train!!! Whoa!

This is me on the overnight train! I’m in a bed…on a train!!! Whoa!


39 responses to “Don’t Cry, Run! Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Train How To.

  1. Poor baby, what and experience! The train looks rather nice and the prices are excellent. Is your brother still with you? Hows school coming?


    • yeah, the train was really nice and $14 bucks for a sleeper was awesome. My brother is not with me anymore, but he did go with us to Kuala Lumpur. School is going fine, but I am ready for it to be OVER! 2 more semesters to go!!!

      • Hey Sherri! Keep up the good work!!! I follow every post on your blog. It is definitely interesting and I love your humorous and free-flowing approach to detailing your experiences. Best of luck going forward and keep plugging away at school! 2 semesters will go quick whether you believe it or not. Congratulations in advance!

      • Hey, Lucas! Thanks for the comment. Most of the time I am unsure what to even write about, lol. How’s everything at NAVFAC?!

  2. Hey Sherri, I think I would have cried after that long journey, but it looks like you are having fun. I have been keeping up with your post. Looking forward to the next one. Two semesters will go quick. Hang in there! Miss you!!

  3. Hi Sherri!

    felt very sad for you since you had to face a lot of difficulties . However, the positive is that next time you will be better prepared and you can guide others avoid last minute hickups.

    I got a very good deal from AIR AISA so I am flying fm s’pore to KL on 7th Nov,13 and am planning to return back to KL on 10th Nov by train 1400 hrs from woodlands reaching KL Sentral around 2300 hrs as I have a return ticke from LCCT to india . We r a fly of 4 wih my mother aged 79 .We will be staying somewhere near Orchard road MRT during our stay in s’pore.

    Please advise if the below program is in order to reach Woodlands CIQ to catch the train at 1400 hrs and immigration formalities:

    1. leave around 1000 hrs from ORCHID MRT to WOODLANDS MRT reach around 1130 hrs at WOODLANDS MRT.

    2 . Possibly take a bus 911 or 856 or taxi which will take me to CIQ in max 30 min , for the immigration formalities ( please advise how much time it takes for immigration formalities) . Please advise how much the taxi will cost from WOODLANDS MRT to WOODLANDS CIQ.

    3. although i am flying to SIN fm KL, I am planning to buy up/down tickets from Sentral KL to Woodlands & return from Woodlands to Sentral KL , so that i can get the ticket cost in MYR only. and I need not have to go to JB Sentral to catch the train to save cost since my mother is along with me. I will book Sentral KL to Woodlands although we wont travel by train from KL Sentral to woodlands . I am planning to do so just to get the ticket in MYR instead in SGD.

    4. I am trying to book rly tickets online but unable to do so. what is the other option to book the tickets? can i send an email to and give details and book up/down tickets ? whether they will respond to my booking ?

    can you please guide me on the above.

    Thanks in adavance.


  4. Hi Sherri!

    I am planning travel Singapore – KL by train too. I like to ask more about the night train from Woodlands CIQ to Sentral KL. If I buy tickets as follow:

    (1st Ticket)
    Destination: JB SENTRAL
    Departure: 23:30:00
    Arrival: 23:35:00

    (2nd Ticket)
    Origin: JB SENTRAL
    Departure: 23:59:00
    Arrival: 7:30:00

    1. If 2 tickets are the same train on same day, can I just stay on the train when it arrives at JB Sentral or I have to get off the train at JB Sentral?
    2. If I stay on the train at JB Sentral, how can I proof that I have the ticket from JB Sentral to Sentral KL if the staff ask me to show them?

    Thank you very much !!!!!

    • You can stay on the train, you do not have to get off. Bug, you may have to switch seats if your tickets have different seats on them. you will have to show them your ticket again, someone will be walking through the train, you can just show them your ticket. Have fun!

  5. Hi Sherri,

    Can you inform me about the night train, i’m planning on taking it from KL to Singapore. i’m travelling with my kids (5 and 1 yo).
    is the 2nd class bed comfy enough for kids ? and is it spacious enough ? cause i saw ur picture and it’s looked pretty tight for an adult.

    thank you for your reply.

    • Hello Hanny,

      The 2nd class sleeper bed was big enough for me and I could comfortably fit a 1yo in there with me, but with a 5 and 1 year old, you will be in for quite a squeeze! I think it would be best to get two beds in the second class sleeper, (I saw other families doing that). If you don’t feel comfortable with having one of your children sleeping in a different bed from you on a train, you should think about getting one of the delxue first class sleepers. It is a room to yourself with a toilet and shower and two beds, although, I think it does cost about 3 times as much.

      • Hi Sherri,

        Thank you for your reply, i will take 2 beds. another question, what about our luggage ? where do we put it ? in your picture it’s just next to you, is it safe to put it there while we’re sleeping ?
        Does the train have a luggage compartment like plane does ?

        Thank you.

      • Hi again!

        I left my luggage in the isle next to me, as I cant remember anywhere to store it. No one bothered it, and I thought it was pretty safe, although I did keep my laptop in my bed with me. Alternatively, you cold just put the luggage in the bed with you, depending on how much you have!

    • Hello! You can take the MRT at Dhoby Ghaut in little india straight to the woodlands stop. From there take bus 856, 913, or 912 from the Woodlands Bus Interchange that is connected to the Woodlands MRT.

      • I propose to travel from Singapore to KL and from KL to India. Is it necessary to travel back to Singapore (when I am taking a train?) Also, what is formalities for immigration from Woodlands CRT (Singapore) and Sentral Kualalampur (KL, Malaysia). Generally, what is the time taken to clear the same

      • You do not have to buy a round trip ticket on any leg of your journey. The immigration formalities are done at the Woodlands CIQ. One area is for leaving Singapore and you have to show your passport, which you do first, and then you go through some doors and show your passport again to get it stamped for entry into Malaysia, and then you get on the train. You do not have to show your passport again until you leave Malaysia. I think you should allow about 30 minutes from arrival at the Woodlands CIQ until boarding the train.

      • Thanks Sherri. Tried the link already but in vain.. Anyways can i take the ticket from Woodlands CIQ station itself to go to JB Sentral. I will book tickets from JB Sentral to Sentral KL online.
        Also, we would be having luggage with us. Is it worthwhile to book an additional berth to keep our luggages ?
        Is it safe to travel in train considering that we have ladies and kids in the group ?

      • That’s weird that you couldnt book that segment there. I know when I bought the tickets I had to use Firefox instead of IE. Maybe try emailing them, as I know that you can book tickets that way as well. In any case, you can buy the tickets from the CIQ station itself.
        I had a huge luggage and I did not need an extra berth to hold it, so I doubt you will need the extra room.
        And the train is safe, as I traveled on the way back with only me and another lady. There were plenty of families with children and everything was orderly.
        Have a fun and safe trip!

      • Just wanted to check about the immigration part. Understand that the immigration clearance would happen from Singapore – Woodlands Immigration Check point. How about Malaysian immigration entry ?

        Whether stamping on the passports would be done enroute or we need to get down in JB sentral to do the stamping. How to get and submit the arrival / departure card (Imm.26) of Malaysia immigration rules.

        Thanks in advance

      • Hello,

        The emmigration from Singapore and the immigration into Malaysia happens in the same building! After you emmigrate from Singapore and get your passport stamped, you go through these doors and down a hallway, and then you go through Malaysian immigration proceedures!

  6. Hi! I’m travelling with my mom and a child. Would like to ask, we take the deluxe, there is only 2 available bed in each compartment, can the child share bed with us, can 1 compartment be shared by 3 people? Or each person should buy 1 ticket?

    • Hello. Sorry for the late reply! I am not sure about childs ticket pricing or if 3 people can share the deluxe cabins, but I have emailed the train company, and will post up their response!

    • Hi,
      I travelled with 2kids last month, 5 yo and 1 yo. You have to buy child fare ticket for 5yo but for below 3 yo it’s free. So you can share bed with your kid below 3yo.
      Hope it helps.
      You can also email KTM directly to ask.I also email them regarding elder fare.


  7. hi sherri,
    i found your blog very informative and helpful.
    i check ktm online but i cant find the jb to kl sentral train, the only available is woodlands ciq to kl sentral which you said to be expensive.pls help.

  8. Hi Sherri
    We take the day train from Singapore.
    A very civilised way to travel 😄
    Good advice about the buses we thought
    The same regarding one bus etc but got
    Some really good information from the
    MRT staff in Singapore very helpful and friendly
    Safe journeys in the future

    Allen and Joanne

  9. thank sherri.. my follow up question is whats the easiest way to get to woodlands ciq. we will be staying at gelang singapore? how far is it from the station..pls help ty so much

    • It is pretty far, and you could always take the MRT to the Woodlands stop and then the bus to the Woodlands CIQ like we did, but, I really recommend getting a taxi! It is easier with less transfers and taxis are not that expensive in Singapore!

  10. is it required to have a reservation prior to purchasing the train ticket from SG to Kuala Lumpur?

    • No, it is not required, you can buy it at the station. But in that case, I would be sure to get there early, to make sure you get the seats that you want.

  11. We hope to travel from Singapore to KL via train.
    If we have booked tickets from JB sentral to KL sentral online and can we take tickets to JB sentral over the counter at Woodlands CIQ?
    Are they issuing limited no of tickets? In case if all the tickets are sold out how can we get in to JB sentral?

    • yes, you can buy the tickets from woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral. When I went, that is what I did and there were plenty of seats available. But if I were you, I would buy those tickets online ahead of time, just to feel safe that you will not miss your train.

      The only other way I know of that you can get to JB Sentral from Singapore, is to take a Taxi. It shouldnt be too expensive, but depending on the time, you may get stuck in traffic.

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