A Very Sinful Thing…Taxis in Kuala Lumpur

When traveling in Kuala Lumpur you are going to have to take a taxi at some point. Only take taxis that have the meter on. The first time we were quoted a price to get to our location without the meter on was from the Sky Bar back to our hostel in Maharajalela. The taxi driver quoted RM40 (about $12.50 US dollars). We refused and walked down the street to try and find a metered taxi. We finally found one, and guess how much it actually cost to get back to our hostel…it only cost RM8.50 (about $2.50 US dollars). When coming from the Petronas Twin Towers we had to turn down 3 taxis that would not turn the meter on. When we finally found a taxi driver that would turn his meter on, we told him about our troubles, and he said that trying to scam tourists and not turning the meter on was a “Very sinful thing”. So there you have it, there are good and honest taxi drivers. Don’t give up and get hustled, keep looking for the taxi drivers who are trying to make an honest living, and give them a ringgit or two tip, or at least round up the fare.


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