I almost cried twice: How I almost missed a plane and wasted $1000 in less than one day!

It became time that I leave Singapore. It was great, but the housing was super expensive, and I had seen about 85% of the country. I was even showing other people how to ride the bus, and recommending places to hang out. So I decided I would go to Seoul, South Korea. Why? Because they have cheaper housing and kimchi.

I packed most of my stuff the night before and when it became time for me to leave for the airport, I texted 2 taxi companies to come and pick me up. Usually, you wait about 2 minutes and you get a text back telling you which taxi number is coming to pick you up and how long it will take for the taxi to get there. But this time, the only time where I actually need to be somewhere on time, I get a message back saying that no taxis were available. WHAT? WHAT! So I called the taxi companies, hoping to have better luck. NAW. They still said that no taxis were available. So this continued for about 30 minutes until I finally found a taxi company that would come and pick me up. So keep in mind that I was already late.

So when I got to the airport and checked in, they informed me that the baggage weight that I purchased was only 15kg and my bag weighed 28kg. There is a $25 charge for each kg the bag is over weight. I wasn’t about to pay that, so I said that I would go and try to repack and put my heavy items into my carry on bag instead of the checked bag.

After 15 minutes of rearranging and repacking my stuff in an airport, I tried to check in again. THIS TIME, the bag was still over 15kg, it was 24kg. I said, well I have to get on the plane, so please just check me in, I only have 15 minutes until they close the check in. Then she went and asked me where was my onward ticket from Korea? I had only purchased a one way ticket, because that is what I did when I bought my ticket to Singapore, and I didn’t have any problem. But she wouldn’t let me get on the plane until I bought an onward ticket. So, I had to get out of line AGAIN, to go and try to purchase a plane ticket on my cell phone. I bought the cheapest one, got back in line again, handed the lady my charge card so that she could charge me $225 for the baggage overage fees. “We only take cash, ma’am.” This is the first time that I almost started crying. It was past check in time. I spent the last couple of days getting rid of all of my singapore dollars, so I only had about $16 cash. I had to beg her to check me in while I ran downstairs to the ATM. By this time the plane was already boarding.

I finally got my boarding pass and had to powerwalk the fastest I have ever powerwalked in my life. My boarding gate was literally the farthest in the terminal, so it took about 20 minutes for me to walk there. I was the last one to get on the plane.

Finally the plane landed in Seoul, and I checked into my hotel after midnight.

The next day I was happy, because I thought, whew, that’s over and now everything will run well from now on! I had an appointment with an agent for them to show me around to places that I can stay for a month or so. So I went to the station, bought my ticket, and made my way to the meeting place. I had misjudged how long it would take to get there, so I was about 10 minutes late. I didnt have internet on my phone yet, because I just arrived in the country, and for some reason my phone wouldnt connect to the WIFI in the subway, even thought it said it was free. So I just hung around the station for while, looking for someone who looked like they were looking for me. I walked around the station, looked outside…no one. I finally gave up and went back to the hotel. When I checked my email, I saw emails from the agent saying that they had been waiting for a hour, why didnt I tell them I would be late, or call or email them? etc etc. HOW CAN I CALL YOU, I DONT HAVE PHONE SERVICE, MY PHONE WONT CONNECT TO WIFI, I HAVE ONLY BEEN IN THIS COUNTRY FOR LESS THAN 12 HOURS! That is the second time that I was about to cry. Hopefully I can maybe meet with them on Monday, but I had to extend my hotel stay for another 2 nights…GOODBYE $300!!!

On top of all that, I cant read korean it looks like this 대전광역시. When I went to the store, I just picked out some random snacks and some tea. There is no good tv station, so now I am watching shitty Avengers, drinking cold tea that is not even sweetened, and eating these nasty ass snacks. Hopefully the chips I bought will better. I wish I had some kimchi right, now, that would brighten my day. At least the hotel is nice, and the people at the front desk are helpful.

Hope, in a bag.

Hope, in a bag.

Naw. Not feelin' it.

Naw. Not feelin’ it.

I'm upset.

I’m upset.


7 responses to “I almost cried twice: How I almost missed a plane and wasted $1000 in less than one day!

  1. I am sorry that you had such a hard time going to Seoul, and in Seoul.  All trip experiences are not going to be a perfect.  Just keep your eyes open, look, listen and think.   Listen to your first instinct in deciding what to do next.  I am hoping that you are not alone in Seoul.  When you think it is time to leave Singapore then do just that. Be strong my dear Sherri.  Sending much love, G. Ma. Reid


    • Hey Grama, I already left singapore. Not everything goes smoothly in travel, but I know that today will be better!

  2. Hey Sherri,

    Sorry you are having such a rough time so far. Are you there alone or with your brother? Hang in there. I am sure things will get better.

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