I stayed in a Goshiwon in South Korea. Video at Bottom.

While staying in South Korea for a month, I stayed in a Goshiwon. A goshiwon is basically tiny ass rooms. From the hallway, it looks like apartments, but when you enter the room, its super small. The only thing in it is a desk, a bed, and if you pay a little bit more, you can get a toilet and/or shower. Mine included a shower and toilet combo. If your room doesn’t include the toilet/shower, there is a shared bathroom in the hallway. I liked having my shower and toilet in my room, because it is convienient and I felt weird with sharing a shower and toilet with other people, however, lets be honest. Since the room was so small, whenever I used the toilet, the whole room smelled like whatever the toilet smelled like…for a while.

There are many advantages of staying in a Goshiwon. First of all, and most importantly, they are cheap as hell. For one month I paid less than $500 US dollars, including utilities and WIFI. Also, they are extremely safe. The floors are separated by gender, there is always someone working at the front desk, and they have CCTV (Security Cameras). They also have a shared kitchen that came with free rice, noodles, and kimchi. Sometimes, there would even be two types of kimchi, and on those days, I felt like I had won the lottery. There was also a free washing machine that we could use that came with laundry detergent. The room came with a desk and chair, as well as a mini fridge and a TV with a bunch of cable channels. Most of them were in Korean, but they had a few movie channels that played movies in english, and also some other channel that would play tv shows like, CSI, Grimm, and other tv shows from the US.

Here is a video of my goshiwon. Sorry that it’s sideways…I dont know how to fix it, so just tilt your head! Notice how much storage space there is in such a small room. Also, I could reach almost everything in the whole room while I was on my bed!



Has anyone else ever stayed in a Goshiwon, If so, what was it like for you? If you have never stayed in one, would you ever?




10 responses to “I stayed in a Goshiwon in South Korea. Video at Bottom.

  1. And that was quite interesting…my dear Sherri.   A big difference from your bedroom at home.


  2. hello! that’s an interesting post! I’m planning to stay at a goshiwon too. Are there cleaning services or did you have to wash the toilet and change the bed sheets by yourself? Thanks!

    • Hi!

      You are responsible for cleaning everything in your own room, but at the goshiwon that I stayed in, they had communal cleaning products and brooms and vacuum for use. If you do not have a toilet or shower in your room, they have showers and toilets on each floor, and you are not required to clean them.

      Have fun!

      • There was a small hanging area in my room where I could hang stuff and outside hanging line in the laundry room. But you should check with the goshiwon that you will be staying at, because they might be different!

  3. May I ask how you found your goshiwon? I’ve been trying to find one but they’re all on Naver and I don’t want to make my Korean friends go check them all out with me

    • Hello! I used Habang.

      They have english staff and they will go around to the goshiwons with you! They do have a fee of $100 (may have changed since I used it). You can choose the goshiwons that you want to look at or you can tell them what you are looking for and they will help you to find one. Good luck!

  4. Hi,

    Is the gender separation very strict? I’ll be heading there with a group of mix-gender friends and we would want to hang out sometimes.

    Thanks 🙂

    • It depends on the goshiwon, but most have separated and restricted floors. You should be able to hang out in the kitchen. Honestly though, if you want to hang out, it’s best to go out. Goshiwons are traditionally or students who need to cram for tests, so if you are loud, you will distrub them!

      I hope you have a great time!

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