Goodbye, Seoul

I have left Seoul.

It was a nice city, but it was, how shall I say…well, it was TOO CITY. Even though I visited old style villages and Josen period palaces, Seoul just feel like any other cosmopolitan city of the world. It was a great city, don’t get me wrong, and if I were going to pick a place to settle down, it would be one of the top on my list, it’s just that being there made me feel like I was not really traveling. It made me feel like I had gone to any ol’ city in the US, except there were many Korean people there. It was even hard to find Korean food. I had to go out of my way to find a Korean restaruant because every place I passed was some sort of cafe selling coffee or different kinds of italian pastas, sandwiches, bakery items. The next city I go to will have to be a little less urban.

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9 responses to “Goodbye, Seoul

  1. Hope you enjoyed all there Kalbi, Meatchun, Kim Chea, Bogogalbi, and all good stuf, specialy there potatoe salad, bamboo string salads.

  2. Following you on your trips make me feel like I have been traveling.  


    • Hello! I am currently in Yokosuka, Japan. It is not a big of a city as Seoul, and I feel like I can really feel the culture here, even the houses look different!

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