Beach and Movie Day, Part 2: Finally a Proper Mall in Japan!

So after my time at the beach, I headed over to Terrace Mall in Fujisawa. That is the closest IMAX theatre to where I am staying and I really wanted to see Man of Steel in 3D IMAX because when I saw it in Singapore 3 months ago, I only got to see it in 2D. In the mall, there was a pleasant surprise.



KRISPY KREME! I couldn’t believe it and almost cried as I was chewing the donut, regular glazed of course. The sand still on my skin and the taste of the glorious donut reminded me of being back in Virginia Beach. ‘Twas such an awesome moment.

I saw the movie. Of course, it was awesome. It’s Superman. One thing I would like to talk about is movie theatres in Asia, and how at the beginning of the film, in Singapore, Korea, and Japan, they show a public announcement of how one should act in the movie theatre. They will show someone behaving badly (i.e. putting their feet up on the chair in front of them, smoking, talking on the phone) and then show you what the correct behavior is, or tell you in a full sentence what is expected of you. I just thought it was funny.

On the way back, I got caught in rush hour traffic. Now, back in Virginia, that means you are stuck in your car going about 30mph SITTING DOWN WITH LOTS OF SPACE AROUND YOU. In Japan, rush hour means that you get stuffed into a train with strangers standing up, trying not to look at the other people in the eyes by acting like you are doing something important on your cell phone. I don’t like it.


3 responses to “Beach and Movie Day, Part 2: Finally a Proper Mall in Japan!

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  2. I guess I guess that is the way it is when you are riding on a train. I haven’t been on a train in many many years I did not know how it feels to ride on a train have fun talk to you later bye.

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