Part 3 of 3: Two Days, Two Cities, No Sleep – My Tokyo/Yokohama Aimless Wanderings aka Adventure

Feeling wide awake now and feeling smelly and sticky from not showering for over a day, we decided to go and play card games. Have you heard of the card game Spades? I thought that since that was the card game of choice that was played among the adults in my family, that it was a common game that everyone knew how to play. But, while traveling, I have never come across another person who knows how to play it. So, I taught everyone how to play spades, and they taught me how to play poker.

I won at both.

Just kidding.

I lost at both. Even spades. But playing Texas Holdem poker was pretty fun. I like how you get to try and trick people. So, I will try to get better at that.

I got home, only to find out that I had forgotten how to sleep. I don’t know what time I fell asleep, but when I woke up the next next day it was about 5pm, and I was still tired. Longest 3 days eva.

Here’s my shout out to the peeps that I spent those days with! I was going through some heavy stuff before, but hanging out with you all made me not go completely insane!




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