Hello 2014! My Goals for the New Year

Yes, it’s that time again. The time to make new year’s resolutions. Well, actually, that was about a week ago, right? Well, I’m always late, so better late than never. 2013 was an awesome year for me, so I believe that 2014 will be, too!

Here are my goals for 2014!

1. Stop Wishing. This is the most important one for me. I want to stop saying  “I wish…”, and start saying “I am working towards…”. Just saying it this way makes me realize that if I work towards something, then there will be a higher chance of it happening!

2. Go to at least 3 more countries. I am planning on going to at least 3 more countries this year. I have not yet chosen which countries to visit, but I was thinking of England/UK/Great Britain (I still get those confused…I guess I’m not as worldly as I thought), because I don’t know much about it besides for the fact that MY FIRST LANGUAGE OF ENGLISH COMES FROM THERE. Maybe Turkey (I have always wanted to get beaten by leaves in a Turkish bath), and I don’t know the third. Any suggestions?

3. Go to at least 3 more states. I want to visit some of the other states. Not those middle states though. Well, except for Nevada…I want to go to Vegas! And I have to visit my brother in California. I am not sure which other states I want to visit. So I will have to ask around and see where people have had the most fun.

4. Graduate from university! I thought that I was home free, but it looks like my advisors misread my transcripts and I have to take 13 more credits on top of the 15 I am already taking for the spring semester to graduate in May. This sucks, and leads me to goal number…

5. Pass 3 CLEP/DSST exams. These exams allow you to take an exam to get credit towards your degree for stuff that you might already know or study for. So, in order for me to even apply for spring graduation, I need to pass 3 of those exams by January 21. I took one today and passed it (huzzah!) so I only have 2 more left.

6. Stop rolling my eyes so much. People say dumb stuff constantly, and it is so hard to not roll my eyes, however, I was watching CHOPPED (you know, that show on Food Network, where chefs have to cook using random ingredients in a limited amount of time) and there was this one lady on the show. Who rolled her eyes constantly. It was so unattractive. I do not want to be put in the same category as her.

7. Apply to graduate school. The applications. The forms. The essays. The resumes. Just looking at the guidlines for graduate school makes me sick. But, I need to start getting my stuff together so that I can apply to graduate school before the deadlines, most of which are in January or February, so at least I have the whole year to get everything situated!

Whew! That was a lot of goals. I am glad that I am posting them up here, so that I can be held accountable to them. So if you see me rolling my eyes, remind me of goal number seven! And if you see me partying too hard in the club, please remind me of goal number 4! As I accomplish each goal, I’ll write a post about it, and mark it off. If I fail at a goal, I’ll write a post about that, too, as I drink a bottle of wine in pajamas crying.

Have a great new year everyone!

This is me kicking out 2013!

This is me kicking out 2013!


3 responses to “Hello 2014! My Goals for the New Year

  1. Sherri:

    You are not too far off and congrats on passing your clep exam, you will do fine on the other two, I dont know where you find the time! Vegas I finally decided to go this year and made my reservations YAY!! Great resolutions/goals and I hope that you accomplish them. Rolling eyes is gonna be a hard one.


    • ahhh, VEGAS! I’m too jealous. Tell me how it is, ok?! and yo, that exam was freakin hard, and I passed by the skin of my teeth, but hey, I passed so I’m happy as long as they give me my 3 credits, lol.

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