Balance (or lack thereof) and Muay Thai Fights (video of fight at bottom!)

Hello, All. It has been a while since my last post.

I may have over estimated my work load. Why didn’t anyone tell me taking 7 classes this semester was absurd?

I am doing well in my classes, but, in trying to get ahead so that I can travel next month, everything else has fallen by the wayside. I have not had time to excercise (I have gained like 10 pounds since my return), hang out with friends (what are friends?), or, which is my favorite, take naps during the day. I need to strike some balance. Soon. Or I’ll crack.

That being said, let’s talk a little about my time in Thailand. We arrived pretty early in the morning, and after a full day of an overpriced tour, we got to attend an overpriced muay thai fight! We didn’t know, but when we go there we realized that all of the forgieners were sat up close to the ring, and the Thai people weren’t. That is because we paid like 5 times as much as the Thai people who knew how much the tickets should really cost. That’s ok though. I will know for next time.

Muay Thai is Thai boxing and is pretty brutal because instead of using only their fists, they use their elbows, knees, and shins. Ouch.

Before each fight, each fighter does a dance to the most annoying music on the planet. The dance is called Wai Khru or Ram Muay and is a way for the fighter to show a little about his skill, but mostly to show respect to his teacher and trainers. I think they looked pretty cool. Here is one that I saw!

Next, we watched men get beat up to the same annoying music.

When I go back, I want to see a muay thai fight again, but this time, I want the cheap seats!



2 responses to “Balance (or lack thereof) and Muay Thai Fights (video of fight at bottom!)

    • Hey, yeah, for my bachelors it’s my last 7, thank god! one class ended about 3 weeks ago, but the other 6 were full semester classes. So sick of it.

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