I got felt up today! Finding Medium to Large Size Bras in Japan.

If you have medium to large sized breasts and/or don’t want a bra that looks like a 7 year old girl’s birthday cake exploded on it, it is near impossible to find a bra in Japan. The typical bras in Japan look like this:

bra 2

I am sure guys like these sorts of designs, but how one is supposed to wear one of these under a shirt without looking crazy, is beyond me. Maybe unless you wear like 3 layers of shirts. But…naw.

Aimer Feel does sell larger cup sizes in the lacy designs, however, those bras literally lift your boobs up so high, that they almost touch your chin. And also, the shape was really weird…like torpedoes. And since this is not the 1940’s, I decided to keep looking.

After months of searching, I finally found a store that sells regular American style bras that come in larger cup sizes. Amo’s Style by Triumph sells many of bra’s above a D cup, and a few that are seamless for wearing under shirts that are not sweaters (so most shirts). I found these two:


Boring, I know, but they fit and look great under clothes. I went to the one connected to Tokyo Station in the Yaesu shopping mall, but here is a link to their other stores in Tokyo. So…yay me! I can stop wearing a sports bra all the time!

Also worth noting, is that the saleswomen there will measure you to find the right size. In addition to that, after you try on the bra, they will offer to look at it and make sure that fits correctly. To do this, they put on gloves and dive in. THEY ACTUALLY ARRANGE YOUR BOOBS IN THE BRA! So I got felt up today. SCORE!


2 responses to “I got felt up today! Finding Medium to Large Size Bras in Japan.

  1. I have the same problem whenever I go to Japan bust size (though in Korea I found a small piece that you add to the bra to make the bust larger). I wonder where large siez japanese girls go ? I can see some and I’m almost tempted to ask them where they buy their bra ^^

    • Hi! Perhaps the large sized Japanese women are going to the same place I went! Also, I think they are ok wearing the weird shaped and frilly designs because it is normal for them! So they might have an easier time finding suitable ones.

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